Healing Stuart

Discovering & Restoring Stuart Cemetery, Four Mile Township, Polk County, IA

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Help! I Can’t See Previous Comments

I know I have at least one comment asking me if I plan any more posts.  The answer is yes. I apologize for the long hiatus. I was dealing with family matters, i.e., taking care of my mother. Then last year Mom and I broke down housekeeping (i.e., sorting through stuff with other family members) and moved out …

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A Trip to The IGS

I continued to walk Stuart over the next few days, but felt increasingly hampered in identifying many of the headstones I documented. I decided it was time to find additional help. I gifted myself with an annual membership to the Iowa Genealogical Society (IGS) then headed over to see if they had any records for …

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Walking Stuart

Sometimes when we least expect it . . . “life happens” and our scheduled activities get shoved to the side for a while. I’ve found myself in this mode for about six weeks. Blogs and other priorities have had to wait, but I’ve learned that just as quickly “Normal” (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) returns. …

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I already felt badly for little StuartCemetery. It seemed to have an inordinate amount of damage for its size.  Between broken or damaged headstones and stone encompassed by daylilies, Stuart seemed to be crying, “Help!” Then I saw this.     This was the final straw. The cumulative effect of everything I had seen broke my …

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Stuart’s Scabs, Wounds and Scars

Upon returning home from my first visit I reviewed the photos I downloaded from my camera. One of them contained a shot of an unusual, hybrid headstone. Apparently the original limestone monument had been placed with a  marble one. It was set on what looked to be the limestone base of the original stone. The …

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