Healing Stuart

Discovering & Restoring Stuart Cemetery, Four Mile Township, Polk County, IA


Healing Stuart is about my discovery of a small rural cemetery in Polk County, Iowa. My journey of discovery and eventual commitment to Stuart Cemetery can be found in the Journal category.

In Learning Curve, I’ll discuss issues and topics regarding different aspects of researching, walking, and documenting the headstones in a cemetery.

Specific people and organizations offering help or information about genealogy, cemeteries or research will be profiled in Spot Light.

Rant is self-explanatory.

I also want this site to be a conversation. So if you have stories to share or questions, please join in.

I am a genealogist for both sides of my family. I am also a history buff, who loves to peruse a book or to surf the web researching genealogy and related subjects.

News Flash: I will be adding a new category shortly, Country Cousins/City Cousins.  These are small cemeteries suffering some of the same scabs, wounds, and scars as Stuart Cemetery. In the city, this often means some level of perpetual care is ongoing, but only up to a certain level; it can also mean perpetual care causes almost as much damage as vandals and neglect. In the country (rural areas), there can be some level of ongoing care or the cemetery can be ignored to the point the no gravestones remain. In at least one case, famers and/or other rural workers completely plowed over a cemetery (supposedly after the graves had been disinterred and reinterred in a different cemetery, but I’m still investigating this), which is illegal in the state of Iowa. Unfortunately, Stuart isn’t the only orphan cemetery in Polk County or the state of Iowa.


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