Healing Stuart

Discovering & Restoring Stuart Cemetery, Four Mile Township, Polk County, IA

Help! I Can’t See Previous Comments

I know I have at least one comment asking me if I plan any more posts.  The answer is yes.

I apologize for the long hiatus. I was dealing with family matters, i.e., taking care of my mother. Then last year Mom and I broke down housekeeping (i.e., sorting through stuff with other family members) and moved out of the house, Mom going into assisted living, which she loved, and me into a senior living apartment in a smaller city about an hour away. My wonderful mother passed away earlier this year, so I have also been dealing with the grieving process. As part of that process I am restarting this blog.

I know that most of those interred in Stuart Cemetery are related. My goal is to be specific about grave locations and encourage living descendants to post comments about ancestors to help us see them as people and not just a name on a grave stone. As professional genealogists will tell you, a name is not a person, it’s just a name. In genealogy, a name becomes a person by finding and obtaining certified copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates; finding federal and state censuses; obituaries; and other relevant documents. These types of documents are used in family history too, but often there are also family stories passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes the stories are factual and sometime, like children sitting in a circle playing the Telephone game, aspects of the story are subtly changed as the story is passed from person to person. When you get 3+ generations down the line the story can be anywhere from mildly flawed to completely wrong.

I also want to start a project that would identify gravestone bones so descendants can identify their family members’ graves. This is something I cannot do myself because any type alternate grave identification must be requested by a family member. Stay tuned, we need to cure the gravestone bone epidemic in Stuart Cemetery.

In the next few days I will be posting Meeting Stuart (Part 2) and What a Difference a New Season Makes.


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