Healing Stuart

Discovering & Restoring Stuart Cemetery, Four Mile Township, Polk County, IA

Meeting Stuart (Part 1)

Before going any further, I would like to introduce you to David Stuart and his wife, Elizabeth. As you may recall from my last post, “A Trip to The IGS,” David Stuart deeded the land for Stuart Cemetery and offered it a place where people could be buried free of charge.

I found a short biography of Elizabeth and David Stuart. It was among Four Mile Township biographies on IA GenWeb/Polk web site. Marion John Rice transcribed the biographies from The History of Polk County, Iowa: Containing a History of the County Its Cities, Towns, &c [sic]. (He copyrighted his transcription file and gives permission for it to be posted to any site that offers free access to all.)

STUART, ELIZABETH-Farmer, section 1, P. 0. Rising Sun. Was born in Roanoke county, North Carolina, August 13, 1815, and when fourteen years of age moved to Clark county, Indiana. From there she went to Adams county, Illinois, and to this county, in March, 1847. She married, June 14, 1844, to David Stuart, who was born in Greenbrier county, Virginia, Sept 15, 1811, and died November 28, 1865, on the farm she now occupies. This farm he entered from the government, and it consists of eighty acres of land. She has had eleven children, nine of whom are living. Two daughters, single, are living at home. [1]

 The biography is listed under Elizabeth’s name because David died prior to the publication of the book.

 [1] Rice, Marion John. The History of Polk County, Iowa: Containing a History of The County, Its Cities, Towns, &c. Rootsweb.Ancestry.com.  http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~iabiog/polk/h1880/h1880.htm (accessed October 6, 2012).

 Note: After four plus years using APA style while working on my Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction degree and related practicum, I am trying to learn Chicago style. If any of you are familiar with Chicago style and if I have not referenced the web page correctly please leave a comment with your correction. Thank you in advance.


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