Healing Stuart

Discovering & Restoring Stuart Cemetery, Four Mile Township, Polk County, IA

Mentors and Exhorters

I’m going to pause my journal entries to shine my first spotlight on two women who have encouraged me in this blog.

The first is Nancy Hendrickson creator of AncestorNews.com. I found through her book, Cemetery Research on The Internet: A Genealogical Guide. I downloaded the Kindle edition. It is a small book chock-full of information. (More on this book later – I promise). At the end of the book she urged readers to visit her web site to learn more about her work and how she can create a genealogy blog for you. I sent her a message explaining I’d thought about about starting the Healing Stuart Cemetery and describing my vision.  She thought my project was wonderful and prompted me to use WordPress for my blog.  Upon her advice, I came here and jumped in with both feet. She also held my hand by providing  feedback to my first blog post. Thank you, Nancy. Without you, Healing Stuart would  not exist.

 The second woman is Linda Jean Limes Ellis. She contacted me by email after I posted a picture of an ancestor  on the Iowa GenWeb page for Elm Grove Cemetery, which is just down the road from where I live. We exchanged all sorts of information. I sent her copies of my photographs as well as  a link to this blog. In turn, she invited me to her blog about cemetery preservation in Ohio. I accepted and  look what I found on my first visit here! I am truly honored  to have Healing Stuart spotlighted on Linda’s blog. Thank you for your post, Linda. Your kind words inspired me more than you know.

When I first received the vision Healing Stuart, I didn’t know whether it would be beneficial to others. Would anyone want to read it?. Through Nancy and Linda’s encouragement I’ve discovered the answer is yes. People do care about small, almost forgotten cemeteries and chronicling their plight is worthwhile.

 I have such a big story to tell about StuartCemetery, I will be back here  writing much more often.


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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Bonita. You are in my thoughts and all the best with healing Stuart and with your lovely blog about its plight. I enjoy reading it very much!

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